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Create amazing spreadsheets for free online Excel Online is a free app for Google Chrome and can be used with any Chrome-enabled operating system. As an online version of the popular Microsoft budget product, Excel Online enables users to create spreadsheets online without having to download the entire Excel program or download Office suites. Like Word, which is compatible with other online office tools and Microsoft’s cloud storage, beautiful online Excel spreadsheets have long been the standard for spreadsheets, especially for Windows users. Classic software has been used for decades by students and professionals who want to create simple yet effective spreadsheets. With Excel Online, Microsoft provides the same functionality to the Internet, enabling users to access their online work on any compatible device, not just the computer on which Office is installed. It opens Excel to users who have never used Excel before and aims to increase usage under the current ((review-app-page-desktop-function);}); Integrated design Just like standard Excel, Excel Online has all the tools you used, but in Chrome, all the work done online and when documents are stored is stored in Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage so that users can access from any other device. means you can create a spreadsheet on your computer, view it on your phone or tablet and change it later. Outlook on Desktop download

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