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This is a reduced version of Windows 10 based on build 1511 to 10586 (November update or TH2). As expected, the minimum system requirements will remain the same, although this customized version of Windows is expected to run faster than the original, due to the changes listed below.

This is another version that supports 32 bit processors. My profile also has the first version, which is 64 bit.


Hardware requirements

Processor: 1 GHz (GHz) or faster processor, NX / PAE

SSE2 (if Windows 8 works, it will work too)

RAM: 1 GB for 64 bits (technically only 512 MB required)

Hard disk space: 20 GB

Graphics card: DirectX 9 or later

Changes and information (key, however):

-Delete most Metro applications except Edge, Store and Calculator

– Remove most non-essential drives (such as graphics, printers, networks)

These need to be downloaded and installed manually depending on the function of the computer

-Releases some accessibility features

– Cortana speech suppression and support

-Delete search (explorer search bar still works)

-Remove Windows Media Player

– Windows Photo Viewer is started, which is used as a replacement for the “Pictures” subway app, even when the picture is first opened in Paint until the user changes the default Windows Photo Viewer app.

-Hibernation is disabled

– Page file received

– Removed firewall (although in some cases it may appear while using the program, and the service is not removed as needed)

-The Windows update has not been uninstalled, but there is no guarantee that it will work because I always disable it (installing apps from the store should always be enabled)

Store applications must work properly

– Trading games no longer work (it is impossible to know why). Non-UWP games (like CS: GO) still work while drivers are updated.

  • Windows 10 Pro Lite Build 1511-10586 (32-bit) Download
  • Windows 10 Pro Lite Build 1511-10586 (32-bit) Download Torrent

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