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On April 6, 1917, when the regiment was about to wage a protracted war in enemy territory, two armies were appointed, racing against time and transmitting a message that would prevent 1,600 men from going straight into the death trap.
By Sam Mendes:
Sam Mendes, star of Christy Wilson-Cairns:
Dean-Charles Chapman, George McKay, Daniel Mace | April 1917, Western Front.
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Two British troops were sent to an isolated regiment for urgent communication. If the message is not received in time, the regiment falls into a trap and is killed. To get to the regiment, they need to cross enemy territory. Time is a fact, and travel will be fraught with danger.

Sarah tries to start all over again in Los Angeles, but her neighbors are not what they seem.
Author: David Marmor:
David Marmor stars:
Nicole Brydon Bloom, Giles Matty, Taylor Nichols We all have horror stories in the apartment: annoying householders, landlords, dilapidated buildings, among many other nightmare scenarios. Finding a great place to live in a nice place with cheap rent, good neighbors and soundproof walls is more difficult than it should be, so when Sarah jumps into one room in the Asilo Del Mar apartment, it feels like she’s hit the jackpot . Located on a quiet street in Los Angeles, it has plenty of space, friendly tenants, a group barbecue and even nice neighbors in the neighborhood. But this creature is not as it seems: a loud voice begins to keep him awake at night; there is no cat; everyone seems overly helpful and friendly, except for the strange Lester. Soon Sarah discovers that she did not choose this apartment – she chose it…

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