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Terminator Dark Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
Director: Tim Miller
Stars: Natalia Reyes, Mackenzie Davis, Linda Hamilton, Gabriel Luna, Arnold Schwarzenegger
Plot: Decades after Sarah Connor prevented Judgment Day, a new deadly terminator is sent to eliminate the future leader of the resistance.
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Marriage Story 2019 Mushroom Free Movie Torrent In a battle to save humanity, the tough Sarah Connor is working with an unlikely ally and an enhanced super soldier to stop the deadliest Terminator to date.
Houer = Matroska (avi)
Duration = 02:08
File size = 1 GiB
Code information = AVC | V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC
Resolution = 720×300
Show AR = | : a
Bit rate = 1100 kb / s
Window Speed ​​= CFR Color Space = YUV
Chroma bottom sample = 4: 2: 0
Encoder = x264 – core 142 r2479 dd79a61
Codec information = AC-3 | A_AC3
Channel = 6
Bit rate = CBR 384 kbps
Sampling rate = kHz
Language = English

Bytempo 1150 kbps

Resolution: 720 X 304

Window speed: 29 fps

Aspect ratio: 1

Sound: –

Code ID: AC3

Sampling frequency: KHZ

Bit rate: 128ps

Channel (s): 2

Duration: 01h56m

File size:

Example: you

Issue date: 07-11-2019

English language
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